* 1. Which of these best describes you?

* 2. What are your frustrations related to cooking?

  Yes!  That's totally an issue for me! Sometimes an issue Not an issue at all
I don't have enough time
I don't know what I'm doing 
I never seem to have the right ingredients 
It's hard to find recipes that my kids will like 
It's hard to stay organized with meal planning and prep
I'm trying to lose weight, but my partner, roommate, etc is not
It's hard to make healthy food that isn't boring 

* 3. This blog is mainly recipes for the 21 Day Fix.  Are you currently following the plan?

* 4. I often think about including non-21 Day Fix recipes that are still considered CLEAN, but may be more of a CHEAT.  Does this interest you? 

* 5. Which of the following types of posts would you like to see MORE of in the future?

* 6. When you come to Confessions of a Fit Foodie, do you...

  Yes!  Most of the time Sometimes Not usually 
actually make the recipes?
actually read the posts?
actually look at the pictures?

* 7. I'm working on a few ebooks right now that will be available for purchase soon!  Which of the following would interest you?

* 8. For people local to Southwest PA, would you be interested in a Fit Foodie Food Prep service where I come to your home to prep your meals for the week or the freezer?

* 9. Are you a member at Team Beachbody?

* 10. How do you find my recipes?