Maryland Humanities' mission is to inspire all Marylanders to embrace lifelong learning, exchange ideas openly, and enrich their communities.  As part of that mission, Maryland History Day is designed to help students develop critical thinking and research skills needed for future success and leadership. Your responses to the survey below will help measure our progress in reaching these goals. All responses are confidential. Thank you for your participation.
Please complete this survey for your children whether one or more participated in the History Day program.

Question Title

* 1. How much did your child's or children's participation in History Day have the following types of impacts on them?

  Not at All A Little Some Quite a Bit A Great Deal
Improved their communication skills
Improved their critical thinking skills
Improved their academic achievement (grades and test scores)
Improved my child's research skills using primary and secondary source material
Improved their readiness for college

Question Title

* 2. How much do you agree with each statement below about how participating in History Day affected your child or children, or you?

  Strongly Disagree Neither Agree Strongly Agree Disagree
Taught my child to work effectively with other students
Helped my child gain valuable experience in developing, presenting and defending his or her own argument
My child discussed what was being learned with me or other family members
Maryland History Day was a valuable experience for my child (or children)
Improved my child's appreciation of history as a discipline of study
Overall, my child's participation in History Day met all my expectations
I would recommend History Day to other parents