Wet Tropics Plan User Survey

The Wet Tropics Plan for People and Country has been developed as a website (including online mapping tools) for the community to use. Terrain NRM is the custodian of the Plan, but it belongs to the entire Wet Tropics community. The purpose of this survey is to inform further development of the Plan.

This is not a long survey. Your time is appreciated to fill it in completely and honestly. Thank You.

* 1. Optional Details

* 2. How are you involved in Natural Resource Management? Tick all that apply.

* 3. How often do you use the Plan?

* 4. What have you used the Plan for?

* 5. Which sections of the Plan have you used? How satisfied were you with these sections?

  Have not used this part of the Plan  Very Satisfied Quite Statisfied A Little Dissatisfied Very Dissatisfied
Regional Themes
My Backyard
Mapping Tools
Story Maps
Plan Priorities
About the Plan
Resource Library
Plan Partners
Priority Actions

* 6. Generally, how satisfied are you with the Wet Tropics Plan?

* 7. Generally, do you find the Wet Tropics Plan relevant?

* 8. Were you involved in contributing to the Wet Tropics Plan?

* 9. If yes, how were you involved in contributing to the Wet Tropics Plan?

* 10. How well do you think the Wet Tropics Plan reflects community values?

* 11. The space below is for any other comments or ideas you might have for further changes/additions to the Wet Tropics Plan.

* 12. For comments about specific sections, please enter them below.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey.