Overall Experience Survey

Thank you for participating in the FIRST MidWest Flow Fest (2017: Flourish)!!! We need your responses to make this event even better next year! Please take your time and answer these questions as authentically as you can... 1 lucky respondent will be chosen at random to receive a FREE ticket to a FLOW FESTS event in 2018!!!!

* 1. Whose workshops did you enjoy? Whose workshops did you dislike? Use the options below to indicate your response... (if you DIDN'T TAKE a workshop, please choose "N/A")

  Awful Mediocre Good Excellent!!! N/A
Admiral J Brown
Alice Wonder
Casandra Tanenbaum
Fearless Ringleader-Paula Chambers
Jacquie Tarfoot
Jared the Juggler
Jay Jay
Jessica Mardini
Jessie Wags
Juan Guardiola
Kassandra Morrison
Matt O’Daniel
Zack Lyttle-

* 2. On the scale below, rater your experience at MidWest Flow Fest this year--

  Terrible!!! Mediocre Somewhat enjoyable Pretty great AMAZING!!!! N/A
Overall experience:
Performance (Saturday Night):
Visit to Chicago:
Schedule of event:
Variety of disciplines offered:
Prop/Apparel/Art Vendors:
Registration experience:
Water availability:
Food accessibility:
Accommodations & Travel:
Ping Tom Memorial Park:

* 3. Which movement disciplines or props would you REALLY like to see MORE OF next year?

* 4. What suggestions do you have for improving your experience next year?

* 5. How can we improve accommodation options for future flow events at this site?

* 6. Would you attend future flow events at this site?

* 7. Where else in the MidWest would you like to see a publicly accessible flow festival?

* 8. WHO else would you like to LEARN from at MidWest Flow Fest?!

* 9. Comparing your experience to the price you paid to attend, how do you feel about the ticket price for this event?

* 10. Can we add you to a newsletter list for upcoming flow events?**
(if you don't tell us who you are and where we can send your ticket, your survey is ineligible for the prize)