* 1. As a listener, how many hours of your day is spent listening to music? (Don't worry about being exact, just supply a number.)

* 2. Alright, so where do you get your music from? Feel free to say stuff like, "I get it from YouTube," or "the iTunes store," and whatever. I'm going to be generally grouping these answers anyway.

* 3. As a listener, would you say that the quality of what you're listening to actually matters, or do you even really notice?

* 4. Do you know what "Kbps" stands for? (Don't google this, and if you can't think of what it means, then just say you don't know.)

* 5. Is 320 kbps considered good quality for an encoded MP3?

* 6. Alright, this is a longer one. You're going to compare 3 .mp3 files and you're going to order them. In the begnning of each .mp3 you will hear me speak one, two, or three. This is the number that identifies each .mp3. From best quality to worst quality you will need to put each of these files in order. An example response would be "1, 2, 3," with 1 being the best and 3 being the worst.

(You're going to have to copy+paste these into a new tab.)