* 1. In what year did Amy + Meg meet?

* 2. Meg looked up to Amy in every way.  What did Meg love most about Amy's fashion sense?

* 3. Who introduced Amy + Meg?

* 4. Where did Meg + Amy spend most of their time together while living on Long Island?

* 5. What is Meg's favorite type of Grilled Cheesus Sandwich?

* 6. What's Amy's favorite type of Grilled Cheesus sandwich?

* 7. What is the significance of the title for this survey?

* 8. What is Amy's favorite time to make a Grilled Cheesus?

* 9. What is Meg's favorite result of the Grilled Cheesus?

* 10. What is your email address or preferred way to be reached should you be a lucky winner?

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