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For providing your feedback.  This survey is open for 2 weeks.

* 1. I am an

* 2. How many times, including this year, have you attended Pilgrimage?

* 3. How do you stay informed about Pilgrimage?  (Choose all that apply)

* 4. Did the Leader's Guide (from pilgrimage website) give you the information you needed in advance of the weekend.

* 5. Were the email/social media updates helpful and informative?

* 6. How was overall schedule for the weekend?

* 7. Tell us about your observations of our weekend speakers, Rachel Held Evans and Sarah Heath, and how their message shaped your conversation with your youth.

* 8. Tell us about your observations of our Saturday Night Guest, Morgan Harper-Nichols;

* 9. How was your faith and the faith of your youth impacted by the weekend?

* 10. Additional thoughts, comments, suggestions you would like to share (up to 5)