* 1. Association (e.g. Brantford)

* 2. Team Moniker (e.g. Ice Cats)

* 3. Please choose Association Registration status:

* 4. LEAGUE LIAISON CONTACT INFORMATION: Indicates the Association/Independent Team contact for registration. All correspondence regarding League Business will be through the individual named.

* 5. Association/Independent Team President Information

* 6. Team Selection - check all the possible teams you plan to participate in September 2018. 
The LLFHL limits each association to ONE AA team as voted on by the membership. >i.e One Atom AA, Peewee AA, Bantam AA, Midget AA. 

Cost of registration for 2018/19 season will be no more than $300.00/team.

Removal of teams on or before September 26, 2018 is much easier to do than adding on that date.

1) Team Category Deadline is September 26, 2018. All teams playing in the LLFHL for the 2018/19 season must declare their team registration Division and Category levels by this date. Any changes to category levels after September 26, 2018 may result in a change to the team's playoff eligibility.

2) LLFHL reserves the right to place teams in geographical loops to ensure competitive balance within the division. For associations with multiple registrations at the same category level, the LLFHL reserves the right to place these teams into geographical loops that are best for the division in its entirety.

3) "C" Teams:  The LLFHL will make every effort to create and sustain playing loops for teams registering "C" teams.  As in previous years, the viability of these loops depend solely on the numbers submitted.  The LLFHL will keep all "C" teams apprised of the viability of the "C" loops during the loop creation process.  The LLFHL has no ability to predict which divisions will exist until ALL teams have firmed up registration for the 18/19 season.

NOVICE - If more than one team in a Category please specify in text box below (eg Novice B2)

* 7. ATOM - If more than one team in a Category please specify in text box below (eg Atom B2)

* 8. PEEWEE - If more than one team in a Category please specify in text box below (eg Peewee B2)

* 9. BANTAM - If more than one team in a Category please specify in text box below (eg Bantam B2)

* 10. MIDGET - If more than one team in a Category please specify in text box below (eg Midget B2)

* 11. INTERMEDIATE - If more than one team in a Category please specify in text box below (eg Intermediate A2)

* 12. SENIOR - If more than one team in a Category please specify in text box below (eg Senior A2)

* 13. GAME OFFICIALS - Are all officials scheduled by your association for LLFHL games OWHA or USA Hockey registered?

* 14. ICE AVAILABILITY - For each team that is planned, an association needs to ensure that there is sufficient ice time available to create a regular season schedule of games and to accomodate up to three rounds of playoffs. Teams need to provide viable ice times that fall within the guidelines detailed in the LLFHL RULES AND REGULATIONS SECTION 12 - Starting Game Times.

Does your Association meet these requirements?

* 15. FACILITY INFORMATION - List all arenas your association teams, will/could use during the 2018/19 season.

1. An Association shall not be entitled to register any team, and an Independent team shall not be entitled to register, for the upcoming season if, on June 1, 2018 there is any outstanding fine or part thereof of a team from that Association or of that Independent team from the previous season.
2. Team entry fees will be set by the Executive and are due no later than the date of the  League Liaison Meeting in September (date TBA) 
3. The League entry fee will be non-refundable after September 21, 2018 and delinquent fees will result in the team(s) forfeiting its eligibility for League play during the 2018- 2019 season.
4. The LLFHL reserves the right to refuse any application that is deemed to be incomplete, lacking in all pertinent facts or deliberately misleading.
5. Admission to the League is subject to annual approval by the LLFHL Board of Directors and is dependent on all financial requirements being met and may be granted on such conditions as the Board determines.
6. An Association or team that is rejected will not be able to re-apply during the current season.
7. It is the responsibility of the Association/Independent Team to inform the League of changes to a team’s OWHA Category.
8. The Association or Independent team certifies as follows:
a) We are registered and in good standing with OWHA / USA Hockey and are categorized as Competitive.
b) We agree to abide by the Constitution, By-Laws, Rules and Regulations of the LLFHL and OWHA and by the OWHA Code of Conduct, Policies and Procedures.
c) We agree to play by the Playing Rules of Hockey Canada and the OWHA, except as modified by the Rules and Regulations of the LLFHL.
d) We guarantee to supply sufficient ice to meet schedule demands, including the availability of weekend ice for out-of-town teams.
e) The Association/Independent Team operates as Not-For-Profit.

I acknowledge and agree to all terms and conditions set out in this Registration Form.

* 17. Acknowledgment by