1. Curriculum

For each of the following statements, please check the answer which best reflects your view.

* 1. Utilization

  Strongly Agree Somewhat Agree Somewhat Disagree Strongly Disagree Don't Know
eesmarts curriculum is used by all teachers in my grade level in my school.

* 2. Grade levels of eesmarts materials used

* 3. Please rate the following eesmarts program characteristics by using a scale of one to five where one is very good and five is very poor. Again, please select the answer which reflects your view.

  01 Excellent 02 03 04 05 Poor 06 Unsure
a. Lessons are age/grade appropriate.
b. Guidebook clarity and ease of use.
c. Topics hold student interest.
d. Clarity of which CMT/State Framework skills are covered by each lesson.
e. eesmarts curriculum provides ample opportunity to develop and reinforce basic skills across different grade levels.
f. eesmarts curriculum provides sufficient depth in topics of alternative teaching techniques to teach children across all ability levels.
g. eesmarts curriculum content is challenging for students.
h. eesmarts curriculum is self-explanatory and can easily be taught using inquiry based techniques.
i. My ease of understanding eesmarts curriculum content.
j. Ease of obtaining eesmarts curriculum materials for classroom use.

* 4. eesmarts curriculum effectiveness in each of the following disciplines:

  01 Excellent 02 03 04 05 Poor 06 Unsure
Social Studies / Civics