1. Getting Started

Thank you for your help with the first part of this survey! This second part is about the larger conversation we have in various areas of our lives. The questions you will find in this part are intentionally more open-ended. Please feel free to share any ideas, stories, reservations, or questions that come to mind. The more I can understand the diversity of our approaches to conversation, the better the book will be.

I envision us each as having a relationship in some fashion with our unique communities, our sense of spirituality, and the environment. Whether these relationships are “active” or “inactive” is something you can speak to individually by answering the questions that follow. All perspectives are needed and helpful, so thank you again for participating!

For those who didn’t take the first survey, here’s a little background info: My name is Katherine Murray and I'm a writer and a grad student at Earlham School of Religion. This project is part of a book I'm writing on the dynamics and effects of conversation. This second set of survey questions focuses on our conversations with community, spirituality, and the earth.

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