Public Opinions on Preferred Mitigation Tools & Strategies

Developed for Cochise County residents, this survey is to facilitate public comment relating to the on-going hazard mitigation plan update (see the project website for additional details).  The intent is to learn about preferred mitigation tools and strategies that citizens would like to see their government implement to help reduce future losses from natural disasters.

The following questions relate to types of mitigation projects that have been successfully used to mitigate against natural hazards.  Beneath each category type are a few examples of how those tools/strategies can be implemented.

* 2. Local Planning and Regulations
-Building Codes
-Local Zoning and Land Use Codes
-Identification/Mapping of Hazard Areas
-Stormwater Management Planning

* 3. Structure and Infrastructure Projects
-Construct Tornado Safe Rooms
-Improve Drainage to Reduce Flood Threats
-Retrofit Buildings to Higher Code Standards
-Acquire and Demolish Structures in Hazard-prone Areas

* 4. Natural Systems Protection
-Implement Erosion Control Measures
-Create Defensible Space Regulations
-Protect and Preserve Natural Areasx

* 5. Education and Awareness Programs
-Incentivize Drought Tolerant Landscaping
-Host Informational Workshops and Events
-Educate the Public about Risks

* 8. Please share your top idea for a specific mitigation project or action that you would like to see implemented by your government, should funding be available.

* 9. Please share any additional comments or information, relating to mitigation strategies for natural hazards, that you would like your jurisdiction to receive.  If you would like to be contacted regarding your comments, please include contact information as appropriate.