Where should your League focus its energy in 2019-21?

We would love to hear your ideas, thoughts and feedback on issues that matter to you and the League. Your responses will help facilitate discussion and focus at our Annual Planning Meeting, our most important member event of the year, on Saturday, February 23 (9am-1pm). RSVP via Eventbrite

Answering this survey is the first step. Your responses will then be a part of the Program Planning meeting and help inform our discussion. The decisions from the discussion will determine what we recommend to the board so we urge you to attend this important meeting.

We will continue to work on our League’s core mission of voter services, voter registration and voter education and election activities as we gear up for the primary and general elections in 2020.

Learn more about Program Planning on our website: 

As you think about and discuss possible topics, keep in mind the following thoughts:

-Consider which issues are of vital concern to our members and communities; which demand immediate attention; and which would entice new and diverse members.

-Consider what issues where the League’s special expertise or perspective would be valuable.

-Consider issues where the League has opportunities to collaborate with other individuals and groups.

-Consider issues that have measurable impact on our communities and/or our state; and where there is a way to evaluate the results.

-Do we have sufficient capacity, leadership, volunteers and funds in our League to consider the issue?

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* 1. LWVPA Member Name (optional)

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* 2. Rank these current LWVPA public policy issues for emphasis in order of importance to you.

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* 3. Rank these new/additional local and state topics and interest areas in order of importance to you

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* 4. Do you have any additional topic(s) you'd like to include?

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* 5. How many hours per month can you volunteer to promote one of these topics?

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* 6. Will you be attending the Annual Program Planning Meeting on February 23, 2019?

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* 7. Do you have any other comments, questions, or concerns? Please share below.