Teacher Survey

The purpose of this survey is to give you an opportunity to give our teachers feedback on their work with parents and students.
If your child has more than one teacher, please complete a SEPARATE survey for each teacher.
Please read the following statements carefully then select your response to each statement.
The results of this survey will go directly to the school owners.
Results will be assessed 2 times a year; end of December and end of June.
Thank you for your time and feedback!

* 1. Today's Date / Your Child's Name / Teacher's Name

* 2. Does the teacher know your name? (5 is the best score)

* 3. The teacher makes me feel comfortable to reach out if I needed to. (5 is the best score)

* 4. The teacher communicates with me concerning my child's progress in a timely manner. (5 is the best score)

* 5. How well does your child enjoy their teacher(s) and class? (5 is the best score)

* 6. How much do you enjoy what your child is learning in class. (5 is the best score)

* 7. Have you noticed positive development with your child in the past few months? (5 is the best score)

* 8. How likely would you refer this teacher or school to someone else? (5 is the best score)

* 9. Please evaluate our director (5 is the best score). Any additional feedback or comment would be greatly appreciated.

* 10. How can our teachers or school continue to improve experiences for you and/or your child?