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Welcome to the Washington Natural Gas Decarbonization Survey!

The Washington State Utilities and Transportation Commission is exploring approaches for decarbonizing, or reducing greenhouse gas emissions, in Washington’s energy system. We want your input!
Why are we doing this survey? Who’s involved?

The mission of the Washington State Utilities and Transportation Commission is to protect the people of Washington by ensuring that investor-owned utility and transportation services are safe, equitable, reliable, and fairly priced. We have hired the SSG (Sustainability Solutions Group), a climate planning consultancy, to conduct this survey as one important piece of the pathways examination.

The SSG study will examine how investor-owned electric and natural gas utilities can reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

It will explore how decarbonization actions may impact the environment, public health, equity, jobs, energy costs, and more. SSG will present its findings to the Utilities and Transportation Commission in a report called the Energy Decarbonization Pathways Examination.

By June 1, 2023, the Utilities and Transportation Commission will use SSG’s analysis to report to the Washington State Legislature on “feasible and practical pathways” for utilities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The Legislature will use the information to help develop greenhouse gas reduction targets and policies for utilities.
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