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* 1. what type of journalism are you involved with?

* 2. Where in the state do you live?

* 3. What is the primary reason you became a member of the Alaska Press Club?

* 4. If you did not attend most of or all of the last Press Club conference, please share why:

* 5. Please rank these aspects of the Alaska Press Club conference with 1 being most important to you (you are most likely to attend), and 5 being least important (you are unlikely to attend):

  1 most important 2 somewhat important 3 neutral 4 somewhat unimportant 5 unimportant
Conference workshops on Friday
Conference workshops on Saturday
Conference workshops on Sunday
Media-hosted office parties Thursday/Friday
Awards dinner/Keynote address Saturday
Community issue panels with community sources and journalists
Issue panels with Alaska journalists
Workshops with experts on writing
Workshops with experts on sound
Workshops with experts on online
Workshops with experts on social media
Workshops with experts in video
Workshops with experts in broadcast (television)
Workshops with experts in broadcast (radio)
Opportunities to network with other Alaska journalists

* 6. Please indicate how the following would affect your contest entry habits

  increases my chance of entering would not change entries I send decreases my chance of entering
taking the entry and payment process online
increasing the membership fee
decreasing the membership fee
increasing the per-entry fee
decreasing the per-entry fee
decreasing the number of categories
increasing the number of categories
eliminating second and third place in favor of honorable mention
eliminating the award banquet in favor of a more casual party
increasing the cost of the award banquet
making the award banquet more formal
offering some small cash prizes for certain categories

* 7. Would you be interested in (please check all the apply)

* 8. Please rank the following subjects, according to your level of interest:

  1 very interested 2 somewhat interested 3 neutral 4 a little bit interested 5 not interested
Newsroom transitions (best practices for a smaller staff, moving online, etc)
Building new skills online
Gaining freelance work
Building journalism skills outside your main field of concentration (writing for online, photography for writers, etc)
Finding work in journalism/related field
Learning more about social media
Learning more about open meetings laws
Honing nuts and bolts skills in your field
Hearing from prominent Outside journalists
Finding sources
Media ethics issues

* 9. If you were to win a press club award, how important to you would it be that you be presented the award at the banquet? Would you be open to other types of presentation, like publishing or displaying your work for your peers to look at during the conference? Please discuss

* 10. The Press Club was recently given a small sum of money as part of a legal settlement. The Club would like to use some of that money to start a fund that would help support and improve the quality of journalism in the state. What is the best use of these funds?