Vestaburg Community School's Community Survey

The Vestaburg Community School Board of Education recently approved a District Strategic Plan to help guide our decisions as we move forward to provide the best educational opportunities for the community’s children.  This plan identifies our Mission (why we exist), our Core Beliefs (how we serve), and our identity (who we are). As part of this plan, the condition of our facilities was identified as a priority. While there are many items that need to be addressed, the school roof, the indoor bleachers, and our bus fleet have been identified as areas of priority.  Thus, the plan includes the need to again explore a bond or millage proposal.

This past fall the Vestaburg Board of Education put a millage proposal before the community.  The proposal was for a Sinking Fund Millage to help maintain our facilities. The millage was voted down. The Board heard the community and has been evaluating future proposals.  It is with this in mind that, we are seeking input from you, the voters, and ask that you please take a few moments to complete a survey by May 30, 2018.  The intent of the survey is to inform our community regarding the facility needs and to gain feedback from you regarding current facilities, operations, and programming.  Your input is valued and very important to the process.

Please feel free to contact Central Office at 989-268-5353 at any time with questions.  Thank you in advance for your time and helping to plan for the future of Vestaburg Community School.

* 1. I am taking this survey as a (check all that apply)?

* 2. How informed do you feel you are about Vestaburg Schools?

* 3. How do you like to receive information about VCS Schools? Rank 1-6 with 1 being the best.

* 4. The school roof is in need of repair. Large Portions are over 30 years old and/or out of warranty and are leaking causing damage to the interior of the building. The newest sections were installed in 2009 with a 15-year product.  There are several different sections of the roof with different products and manufacturers.  The Board has been looking at options, including adding peaks, installing metal roofs, and the best types of flat roofing designs. In doing so, several factors have to be considered such as the engineering and design of the building, weight capacity, and the cost of materials and installation.   At this time the estimate to get a 30-year warrantied roof that is expected to last up to 40-50 years is approximately 1.6 million dollars. 

Given this information, how important do you feel it is to replace the roof in order to maintain and improve the learning environment.

* 5. The School has an aging bus fleet, including 2003 models, please identify the level of importance you would assign to updating our bus fleet.

* 6. The bleachers in the high school gym are in need of repair, please rate the level of importance you would place on replacing the bleachers.

* 7. Several classrooms in the Middle School and Upper Elementary wings are in need of carpet and remodeling.  For example, the carpet is over 30 years old.  Please rank the importance of improving/updating these room in order to maintain and improve learning environments.

* 8. When we built the track in 2009, we committed to keeping it updated and maintained.  This includes resurfacing approximately every 10 years and rebuilding approximately every 20 years.  How important do you feel keeping the track updated is to maintaining our facilities and learning environment.

* 9. Please rank the following areas/projects in order of importance with 1 being the best

* 10. The Board of Education is studying the possibility of either a sinking fund millage or a school bond issue.  

A bond is a form of borrowing, which means taxpayers must pay back the borrowed funds over a period of years with interest. A Sinking Fund millage is levied, not borrowed, which means the revenues are generated from a tax and do not include the district taking on additional debt or interest expense. 

A sinking fund millage can be used for instructional technology, security Improvements, building and site Improvements as permitted by law. It can be levied for a maximum of 10 years.  School buses cannot be purchased with a sinking fund. 

A bond proposal allows the voters to authorize the district to borrow money for capital expenditures.  Proceeds can be invested in new construction, additions, remolding, site improvements, athletic facilities, equipment and technology, including school buses.  A bond will be paid over a longer period of time, 27 years, but may require fewer mills per year.   Thus, a bond might cost less per year but more in total  as it is a longer period of time.

As a possible voter, I would be more likely to support.....