Mission Statement: To connect and engage with Pomfret residents and community partners and to determine how best the Pomfret Town Hall can be used as a structure of historic, civic and social significance, now and into the future.

* 1. Why is the Town Hall important to you and the community? (please share any memories or stories you might have about Town Hall)

* 2. Do you attend community functions at the Pomfret Town Hall (e.g., Town Meeting, Harvest Supper, Strawberry Supper, etc.)?

* 3. In addition to Town Meeting and community suppers, did you know that over the past few years, the Town Hall has been used for a variety of purposes, including: weddings, memorial services, baby showers, indoor yard sales, group meetings, a family reunion, a wedding anniversary party, a birthday party, a ballet & poetry recital and Boy Scout events?

* 4. What would be your top three choices in new uses for the Town Hall? (only one suggestion is required, but you may suggest up to three)

* 5. How often would you take advantage of your first choice?

* 6. How often would you take advantage of your second choice? (only required if you offered a second suggestion)

* 7. How often would you take advantage of your third choice? (only required if you offered a third suggestion)

* 8. Would you like to stay informed about the Committee's progress and may the Committee contact you about your survey response?  If so, please provide your name and email address.

* 9. Do you have other comments or suggestions for the Town Hall Committee to take into consideration?