GCS 90th Reunion Registration Form

We are delighted that you would like to join us for GCS’s Reunion at our 90th Season’s final concert on Saturday, May 3, 2014. We invite you to perform “How Lovely Is Thy Dwelling Place” with us, if you so choose, and to be our guest at the reception following the concert. Before you fill out and submit the form below, if you haven’t already done so, please purchase your concert ticket by visiting www.greenwichchoralsociety.org/tickets or calling the office at 203-622-5136.

Within a few days of filling out the form you will receive an email providing you with further details about the event as well as a pdf of the music you will be singing as well as a recording of the music to help you rehearse. If there are any other updates they will be sent to you via email as well.

Instructions for filling out the form: Please submit one form for each former singer in your household who plans to participate in the Reunion. When complete, please click on the “Done” button at the bottom to submit.

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* 5. Would you like to sing "How Lovely Is Thy Dwelling Place" with us during the concert?

* 6. If you are singing, what voice part?

* 7. Former GCS members:

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* 9. Were you a GCS Music Scholarship Winner?

* 10. Regarding the post-concert Reception:

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