1. Texpo 2019 - The Future Is Now

The TEXPO 2019 Committee is seeking proposals for Speakers and Presentation Teams for education sessions and round tables for TEXPO 2019.  Teams should consist of 2-3 members with no more than 1 member representing the session sponsor and remaining members representing clients/practitioners.  Priority consideration will be given to those Teams including client/practitioner co-presenters, those proposing fresh, current, hot-topics and especially those relating to current legislation and new trends in finance and treasury management.

January 15, 2018 - Proposal Survey due
November 1 - January 15, 2018 - Accepted Proposal Notifications
March 5, 2019 - Final presentation due to TEXPO Education Committee for review and website posting
April 7-9, 2019  - TEXPO 2019 Conference

Proposal Guidelines:

Session Title/Presentation Level – Please designate the Treasury experience rating for your session using the rating category definitions provided.
Topic Description – Include a brief description (200-250 words) of the topic content including what will be covered, what the attendees will learn and support for the presentation level you’re proposing.
Speaker Information – For each speaker, include the name, title, company, address, phone, and email address.  Also include a short bio which includes career history, education and professional credentials.
Audio Visual Equipment Requirement – All rooms are equipped with LCD video/computer projection and lavaliere microphones. Speakers should bring presentations on their own laptop computers.
Handout Materials - Speaker must agree to provide quality handout material for the session.  This should include copies of the slides with room for notes. Additional materials such as examples and glossaries are encouraged. All handouts and slides should be saved in PDF format and will be provided electronically to the attendees.

TEXPO 2019 Co-Chairs, Jonathan Blaker and Karim Jules

Question Title

1. Please enter session title

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2. Please provide a brief description of your proposed topic for website publication

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3. Please provide a Treasury level rating for your presentation using the categories provided below.