* 1. Which programs would you sign up for? (Pick as many as you seriously think you'd be interested in)

* 2. Please tell us what kind of programs you'd like to see offered this May - August or in the future. Creative new ideas are welcome!

* 3. Is there a program or activity you might be interested in leading? If so, please provide your name, phone or email contact, and the program of interest.

* 4. What are good times for YOUTH programs in the summer?

* 5. What are good times for ADULT programs in the summer?

* 6. What are the best ways to notify you of programs and activities? (Please choose the top 3 ways)

* 7. Do you plan to have visitors, grandkids perhaps, visiting any of these weeks?

* 8. Do you plan to leave the Island for vacations etc?

* 9. Is there anything else you'd like to share?