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Placement Test Contents

The Placement test evaluates grammar, vocabulary, reading and writing. It has a maximum score of 73 marks, 43 marks for multiple questions and 30 marks for writing tasks. There are 33 multiple-choice items.  Each of these items are worth one mark.

This is an on line assessment. So we can assess your level correctly, please do not use a dictionary, electronic dictionary or translator, or any other language or translation reference material.

Timing = Total of 60 minutes for all sections

See breakdown of timing for each section below:

Contact Details (Question 1- 10 )

Section 1: Grammar (Question 11- 27)

Section 2: Vocabulary (Question 28-39)

Section 3: Reading (Question 40-43)

Section 4: Writing (Task A & Task B)
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12% of survey complete.