Analyzing the Need For New Advocacy & Lobbying Efforts

Since the 2017 FAA Reauthorization Act failed to pass in time, there is a new 6 month window to perform what Antonelli Law perceives to be sorely needed federal advocacy.

Please take just 3 minutes on average to complete this survey. The survey is just 9 questions.

Specifically we see the following serious issues which need to be addressed immediately:

1) The failure to stop local drone laws and bans and operational regulations, which would be prevented by placing clear FAA authority called "express federal preemption" in the FAA Reauthorization Act or another bill; and

2) The continued failure of the FAA to provide actual pathways for service providers to receive permission for safe BVLOS and over-people operations, which is preventing UAS operations that are lucrative to the operator, provide better and more frequent inspections to the industrial sector, and could provide more frequent surveys of environmental conditions to public agencies and large land holding interests.

3) An effort to "divide the sky" allowing local law enforcement (not just the FAA) to police the first 200 feet AGL, possibly to include local governments being able to keep fines.

Our goal with this survey is to gauge the interest in supporting the idea of a new federal advocacy effort, to learn what priorities our clients and friends believe should be in such an advocacy effort, and whether the effort should be based on client specific assignments, or paid for and directed by a new UAS commercial community advocacy organization.

We greatly appreciate your feedback and believe the 3 minutes you spend with this very brief survey will provide needed guidance to help us foster the US commercial drone industry for further success. You have had contact with our firm in the past and your opinion is very valuable to us.

* 1. Do you believe current Washington DC lobbying efforts have been adequate in representing the US commercial UAS operations industry?

* 2. Do you believe not placing "express federal preemption" in the FAA Reauthorization Act in Congress has contributed to an increase in the number and severity of local governmental units passing laws and regulations affecting drone operations?

* 3. Has the FAA's continued lack of a clear pathway to granting BVLOS and over-people operations detrimentally affected your business operations, plans, or investments?

* 4. If a new Washington DC advocacy/lobbying effort is made, should it be funded and directed on a per-client basis (paid for and directed by individual clients) or in the form of a new US commercial operations advocacy group that pays for and directs the lobbying effort?

* 5. In order of priority, if a new Washington DC advocacy effort is put in place, please rank the importance of the following advocacy goals

* 6. Finally, a few quick questions about the Antonelli Law UAS - Drone Practice Group.

First, did you see the news reports about our successful legal defense of a Part 107 pilot prosecuted under the Chicago Drone Ordinance, either on sUAS NEWS or another outlet?

* 7. How do you perceive the reputation of Antonelli Law's Drone-UAS Practice Group?

* 8. Were you already aware of Antonelli Law representing multinational and large clients including telecom, engineering, and construction concerns?

* 9. How important to the reputation of Antonelli Law's Drone - UAS Practice Group was DJI's selection of the firm to DJI's Professional User Referral Program last year?