Impact of current economic crisis

After a sustained period of constant growth the Financial Crisis has hit hard. Luckily Australia’s outlook is better than almost any other OECD country however our companies will not escape unscathed. Although it is too soon to accurately define the effects of the crisis on individual supply chains LB is keen to ascertain the thinking and approach of supply chain professionals to this situation.

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* 1. What country(s) do you operate in?

* 2. Is it your personal opinion that this crisis is a threat to your company’s profitability or a opportunity to improve the bottom line

* 3. Is your company proactive in investigating the effects of the crises on future performance

* 4. Do you foresee significant changes in sales volumes

* 5. Is your company re-evaluating capital expenditure budgets?

* 6. Is there an effort to rein in operating costs

* 7. Has the crisis triggered reviews of your short to medium term business plan

* 8. Has the financial situation changed the priority your company gave to Global Warming/Carbon Footprinting?

* 9. It is our intention to run survey's regularly throughout the year, presenting findings at LB Breakfasts.

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