We want YOU to help design The Boulder Practica!!

Starting April 5, 2018, we (Brian Dunn, Deb Sclar, Nick Jones, and Darrell Sanchez) are sponsoring a new version of the tango tradition known as The Boulder Practica on Thursday nights from 7:30-10:30. The inaugural price will be $5, and the inaugural events in April will be held at the Boulder Tango Studio, in the Avalon building in Boulder.  In order to have a great event (and to cover the rent!) we'd like to hear from you about what changes and ideas would make for a practica you'd want to attend regularly! Please answer this short 10-question survey - and we hope to see you Thursday April 5th! 

* 1. Does your schedule and location allow you to attend a practica in Boulder on Thursday nights?

* 2. We're considering using dividers to split the studio space into two areas: one for line-of-dance “ronda” social dancing and one for freeform practice without regard for line-of-dance, adjusted as demand dictates:

* 3. We're considering playing DJ'ed music in Tanda/Cortina format as in a milonga:

* 4. We're considering a short (1/2 hr) class/presentation held immediately before the practica:

* 5. We're considering a "Community Dance” tanda to randomize partner selection:

* 6. We're considering paid DJ's instead of just the evening's sponsor DJing the music, with a higher entrance fee:

* 7. We're considering taking steps to promote more partner-rotations during the practica:

* 8. We're considering alternative locations to the Boulder Tango Studio as a base location for the practica:

* 9. We're considering serving refreshments at practica, with a higher entrance fee:

* 10. Generally, If we implement the changes you like best from the ideas above, how often do you think you would attend a new practica in Boulder on Thursday nights?