Allentown Voter Survey

Survey to gather information regarding voter registration status of Allentown residents and voter statistics.

* 1. How interested are you in local politics?

* 2. Where do you currently get your news about local politics? (Check all that apply)

* 3. How much can people like you affect what the local government does?

* 4. How much does the local government care about what people like you think?

* 5. How much can people like you affect what local political candidates do?

* 6. How often does the local government do what people like you want it to do?

* 7. Are you male or female?

* 8. What is your age?

* 9. Do you rent or own the place where you live?

* 10. What section of the city do you live in?

* 11. Are you a registered voter? (If you answer no, skip to question 18 after submitting answer)

* 12. Which party are you currently registered as?

* 13. Do you vote in local elections?

* 14. If you don't vote in local elections, why not?

* 15. Do you vote in national elections?

* 16. If you don't vote in national elections, why not?

* 17. Do you expect to vote in the local election this coming November, or not?

* 18. Why are you not registered to vote? (Non Registered Only)

* 19. Do you want to learn how to register to vote? (Non Registered Only)

* 20. Do you want to learn more about local politics? (Non Registered Only)

* 21. If you want to learn how to register to vote, which is the best way for you to learn how? (Non Registered Only)

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