Chapel FM Arts Centre 
is a place in East Leeds where members of the community and visitors gather to:

LEARN new skills such as broadcasting & radio, music, theatre, writing, cooking and others…
EXPERIENCE exciting live events including concerts, theatre, films, open mics, literary programmes and more…
MAKE dozens of inventive radio shows each month that air on East Leeds FM (ELFM)…
& ENJOY an inviting shared space where ideas are exchanged and friendships form over these and other activities in our welcoming public space.

As Chapel FM prepares to celebrate its 5th anniversary of its home in the former Methodist Seacroft Chapel, we are eager to hear your thoughts to help us plan for the future. 

We will be organising some focus groups to provide more detailed feedback and also have a meeting to share ideas about our next five year plan early this summer. Stay tuned for details! 
Many thanks for your time completing this survey! It should take about 5 minutes to complete. 

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