This survey will be available online from March 13 through May 26, 2017.

All surveys should be completed online or returned to a DMUSD school office or the DMUSD district office by May 26, 2017.

* 1. Our district strives to offer high quality educational programs meeting the needs of every child and challenging each to reach his/her potential.  What feedback/recommendations do you have regarding DMUSD’s educational program?

* 2. Purposeful implementation and use of technology to enhance teaching and learning is a top priority.  In what ways would you like to see DMUSD continue to expand the use of technology to meet students’ needs?

* 3. Ongoing professional learning enables DMUSD employees to improve their professional practice.  What additional training would benefit employees and ensure we have the necessary tools to educate students to think critically, collaborate, create, and communicate?

* 4. DMUSD has an extensive, multiyear Facilities Master Plan.  The facilities master plan is available here .  What additional feedback/recommendations do you have regarding DMUSD facilities?

* 5. Communication with all stakeholders is highly valued and achieved using a variety of formats (in-person, email, written communiqués, Twitter, Facebook, website, phone calls).  How can our district improve upon established methods of communication?

* 6. DMUSD students learn and thrive in safe, nurturing school environments.  What feedback/recommendations do you have that will further enhance the students’ learning environment?

* 7. Additional comments: