Nepal Trekking Survey

Hey guys, I'm working on writing an informational book about trekking in Nepal and the Great Himalaya Trail. I want to know what kind of information you are most interested to read about. FYI, you can select more than one answer to each question. Thanks for filling out the survey!

* 1. What types of Nepal treks are you most interested in learning about?

* 2. If you were to go trekking in Nepal, what length of time would you go for?

* 3. What level of social interaction do you like to have while multi-day hiking?

* 4. Is there anything stopping you from taking a hiking trip to Nepal?

* 5. What aspects of trekking in Nepal are you most interested to learn about?

* 6. Would you want to hire a local guide and/or porter (someone who carries your stuff) while in Nepal?

* 7. What format would you be most likely to purchase this book in?

* 8. What's your biggest fear or anxiety about trekking in Nepal?

* 9. What else do you want to know about trekking in Nepal and/or the Great Himalaya Trail?