Social Justice Fund Basic Eligibility questionnaire

Thank you for your interest in applying for a grant from Social Justice Fund NW.

Before you take the time to write an application, we want to be clear about what kind of work we fund, to help you decide whether your organization is a likely fit for our funding.

Please take a few minutes to fill out this pre-application questionnaire.

  • The first six questions deal with our basic eligibility criteria.
  • The next six questions deal with our definition of community organizing.
  • All questions are multiple choice (most will be answered with “Yes,” “No,” or “Not sure”).

Your answers to this questionnaire will not be considered as part of your actual grant application.

For some of the questions, you can click on a link that says “What does this mean?” That link will take you to a page that provides a more detailed explanation about that particular question and a couple of examples – chosen from our own grantees – which illustrate that idea. These examples are not meant to be an “ideal,” or to dictate what any other organization should be doing. They are just intended to provide you with some concrete examples of what these ideas can look like in action. Our grantees are very diverse and we encourage you to learn more about the work we fund by reading about them at

We hope the questionnaire will be helpful, but it’s no replacement for human contact, so please don’t hesitate to contact Social Justice Fund’s program staff with any questions.

If you decide to apply for funding after finishing this questionnaire, be sure to read the instructions before you begin your application. Our grantmaking process and criteria are different from those of many other foundations, and some things may have changed since previous year’s instructions.