* 1. Are You currently Using Synergy Enterprise ?

* 2. What Applications are Used in Your Synergy Enterprise Environment ?  Select all that Apply.

* 3. In your own words, what "Challenges" would you like to solve within your Synergy Application.  Describe in detail what it would take to accomplish this.

* 4. What is your Full Name?

* 5. What is your Company Name ?

* 6. Phone Number

* 7. e-Mail Address

This survey is intended for Synergy Enterprise Customers that will be attending Exact's Evolve 2016.  By participating, an Attendee at the Conference will receive the tools necessary to solve their specific business wish that is incorporated into this form.  The winner must be an Attendee at Evolve and allow us to use their solution and your organization in future marketing activities promoting your Synergy Application that we develop. 

Their is no cost for the Tool, but Annual Maintenance will be required, along with services to develop / implement / train on the tool.   We have Show Pricing for the Service Costs that may be necessary for the tools selected.

Organizations not attending Evolve 2016 will have their responses reviewed and quotes for the tools and services will be provided.