Application Instructions

2017-18 Wisconsin Citizen-based Monitoring Partnership Program Application

Please read the Application Guidelines before completing this application. Take special note of the WCBM Priority Programs List provided at the end of the RFP. If your proposal does not involve participation in a project on the list, you will be asked for additional information throughout the application.
Proposals are due by Thursday, April 6th. We recommend first composing your answers in a word document and then copying and pasting them into this application.

This is a voluntary application for the CBM Partnership Program; no member of the network or other individual or organization is required to complete it. The contact information you provide will be used by CBM and DNR staff to communicate with you about your project; additionally, if your project is funded, your name or organization name may be shared publically. The information you provide may also be made available under Wisconsin Open Records Law (ss. 19.31-19.39, Wis. Stats.).

Please contact Eva Lewandowski with any questions:, 608-264-6057