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Everyone wants to know what happens next as the FDA deliberates what, if any, guidance it should draft regarding the regulation of Rx drug and device promotion on the Internet and social media.

We have questions like:

  • Will new guidelines be drafted before the end of 2010?
  • Will FDA seek help by forming a special working group?
  • etc.

While the FDA may not be able to fully answer all these questions, they would appreciate receiving questions from a single source in order to expedite their replies. It certainly will help them understand the concerns.

The purpose of this form/questionnaire, which was compiled by volunteers in concert with www.fdasm.com, is to collect these questions in one place and forward them on to the appropriate people at the FDA.

Your comments are confidential (anonymous) unless you specifically provide your contact information at the end of the survey and allow us to attribute comments to you personally.

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