Selected Moral Psychology Posts

I'll be publishing a book of selected op-eds and blog posts.  I'd like to hear readers' opinions about which to include.  Below are some of my posts on moral psychology.  (Future polls will cover posts on other themes such as consciousness, culture, technology, and meta-philosophy.)

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  No, Don't! Meh Good A Favorite Haven't Read It
Schindler's Truck
Nussbaum on the Moral Bright Side of Literature
On Not Seeking Pleasure Much
Is It Perfectly Fine to Aim to Be Morally Average?
German and English Philosophers in 1914: "World War Is a Wonderful Idea!"
Cheeseburger Ethics (or How Often Do Ethics Professors Call Their Mothers?)
The Mush of Normativity
Goldhagen's Challenge
A Theory of Jerks
Does Studying Economics Make You Selfish?
Moral Self-Knowledge by Looking at Others' Faces
On Aiming for Moral Mediocrity
On the Intrinsic Value of Moral Reflection
The Calibration View of Moral Reflection
On Not Distinguishing Too Finely Among One's Motivations
How to Tell If You're a Jerk
A Theory of Hypocrisy
The Happy Coincidence Defense and The-Most-I-Can-Do Sweet Spot
Has Anyone Ever Pushed the Fat Man off the Footbridge?
The Moral Compass and the Liberal Ideal in Moral Education
Imagining Yourself in Another's Shoes vs. Extending Your Love
A Moral Dunning-Kruger Effect?
Forgetting as an Unwitting Confession of Your Values

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