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The world as we know it has changed. Beyond the impact of COVID-19 on us as individuals, the measures being imposed to stop the spread of the virus have taken a huge toll on our economic activities. Many of us are having to either make adjustments to our ways of working - leading our teams remotely or finding new ways to engage with clients - while others are having to completely re-think their operations.

As the crisis strikes across the globe and as close to home as ever, we want to help. We propose to do so by presenting our manual Managing your organisation successfully during COVID-19, through which we offer on a pro bono basis our tools, methodologies and expertise to contribute to entrepreneurs, small and medium enterprises, as well as NGO and civil society leaders who are facing this unprecedented change to their core activities.

The first step of our methodology is this survey, that will help you assess what are the biggest challenges you are facing, as well as which are your most valuable assets to be leveraged during the COVID -19 crisis. Based on your responses, we will be able to provide you direct assistance and recommend more personalized tools and methodologies for your activities. We are convinced together we can get through this. Let us know if you need our help.

Time Estimation : 8 min