Human Resources wants to improve its customer service and you can help.
We ask that you respond to the 12 questions below after any interaction with HR.

Also, tell us what you think we do well. We welcome your feedback. To thank you for responding, if provide your contact information below, you will be entered into a quarterly prize drawing.

* 1. Are you a:

* 2. When did you contact HR?


* 3. Who was the HR staff member that you contacted or interacted with?

Instructions: Please complete one survey per interaction.
Fill in an appropriate response to the following questions.

* 4. What was your reason for contacting HR?

* 5. Were you greeted/responded to in a positive, professional manner?

* 6. Did the HR Staff Member give you his/her full attention?

* 7. Did the HR Staff Member understand and respond to your question (issue/problem) clearly?

* 8. Was your question (issue/problem) resolved to your satisfaction?

* 9. Overall, how would you rate your satisfaction with the customer service you received?

* 10. What additional feedback would you like to provide?

* 11. Would you like an HR Manager to contact you?

* 12. Optional:
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