The Commonwealth Games will be held in Glasgow in the summer of 2014. Although that might seem like a long way away there's already lots going on across the country to get ready for the Games.

We'd like to know what LGBT young people think about the Commonwealth Games coming to Scotland: what it might mean for LGBT young people and what you'd like to gain from it. We have three questions we'd like to ask you and it will only take a few minutes. Your responses will help us to shape LGBT Youth Scotland's plans for 2014 and the future.

Please only answer if you are an LGBT person aged 13-25.


* 1. How do you feel about the Commonwealth Games coming to Scotland?

* 2. What do you think about the Commonwealth Games? (Pick up to four)

* 3. The Commonwealth Games can provide opportunities - what should the Commonwealth Games achieve for LGBT young people? (pick up to four)

* 4. We're hoping to carry out more detailed research. If you'd be interested in taking part let us know your contact details (email and/or phone number) and we'll get in touch.