The Child Care Resource Center is conducting a survey on the child care needs of working parents in Tulsa County. Recent changes in funding and locations of child care may have had an impact on your ability to access care. Your help in completing this will help us understand the needs of our community and its working families. The survey takes 5 minutes. It is anonymous, and all data is represented in groups with no identifying information for the participant.

* 1. Are you

* 2. Your age group

* 3. What hours do you work? Check all that apply

* 4. What company/organization do you work for?

* 5. Please mark the number of children you have per age group.

* 6. Please list from importance 1-5. When looking for child care, do you look for care.

close to home
close to work
close to a relative
close to your child’s school

* 7. What type of child care are you likely to use or are currently using?

* 8. The Department of Human Services offers a Child Care Subsidy support for eligible families. Are you now or would you qualify for this support?

* 9. If you worked at a company that offered on site child care would you utilize the facility?

* 10. Please list importance from 1-4. What reasons most often cause you to be absent from work?

Personal or family illness
Child care problems

* 11. Do you feel the productivity of your work is affected by issues relevant to child care?

* 12. If “yes” how is your productivity affected by issues relevant to child care?

* 13. Please list importance from 1-6. What would you change about your current child care?

days open
hours open

* 14. Were you personally affected by the recent closures of child care in the downtown area ?