1. Survey Purpose

Dear Castro Street User,

This survey is part of the doctoral dissertation research I am conducting on the effect of street design on the use of "main streets". I would much appreciate your assistance by filling out the short questionnaire regarding your own use of and perspectives on Mountain View's Castro Street. The results will increase understanding of the use and effectiveness of Castro Street and other "main streets".

Please feel free to contact me at sustainablestreets@gmail.com with any questions. Thanks in advance!

Best regards,

Joe Kott

* 1. In which neighborhood do you reside?

* 2. How do you most frequently travel to Castro Street (check one or more as applicable)?

* 3. What are the most frequent reasons why you visit Castro street (check one or more as applicable)?

* 4. In your opinion, how CONVENIENT is Castro Street to use?

* 5. In your opinion, how SAFE is Castro Street to use?

* 6. In your opinion, how COMFORTABLE is Castro Street to use?

* 7. In your opinion, how ATTRACTIVE is Castro Street?

* 8. What do you LIKE about Castro Street as a street?

* 9. What do you DISLIKE about Castro Street as a street?

* 10. How would you IMPROVE Castro Street as a street?

* 11. How active (i.e. lots or few people are on it each day) a street do you consider Castro Street to be?

* 12. How important is Castro Street to you in your daily life?

* 13. What other opinions do you wish to express about Castro Street?

* 14. Would you be interested in participating in a follow-up focus group session and/or in-depth personal interview in connection with this research project (if "yes" below, please contact me at sustainablestreets@gmail.com)?