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Hello there,

Two years back we carried out one of the most comprehensive and, we think, best surveys of technology in legal business across multiple support/business services roles.

Please give us just a few minutes (around 10) to take the new Legal IT Landscapes survey.

EVERY submission* is worth £5 to Shelter.

* We will donate £5 for every completed survey to Shelter, until we get to a donation of £300. If we get more than 100 responses, we'll up the maximum to £350. If we get 150, we'll make it £400.

Help us and, in the process, help others. It must be nearly Christmas.

IMPORTANT: All your answers will be processed anonymously and we will NOT share identifying information (your name, job title or your email) with anyone. All data will be presented in aggregated form.

Thank you in advance for your time, I know it's precious.

Rupert Collins-White, editor-in-chief, Briefing magazine
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