This application form captures preliminary information to be provided by New York City-based small, minority-owned businesses seeking direct relief grant funding through the LISC NYC Small Business Relief & Recovery Fund. Before proceeding, LISC NYC recommends that applicants read the Terms and Conditions of the program listed below.

Terms and Conditions:
Applicants may apply once for this round and for one business only. For business owners with multiple businesses, please complete this application based on your largest business owned. Each grant is limited to one grant per individual and business tax ID. Awards will be made to qualified businesses, and eligibility is based on accurate and complete submission.

This business grant application requires that business owners of at least 51% ownership identify as minority owners. Note: Certification as a minority and/or women owned business enterprise (MWBE) is not required to apply.

All awardees will have to certify that they are promoting the best interests of the community and are negatively impacted by the COVID-19 crisis.

Nonprofit organizations are ineligible for this application.
Information provided through the application process is the responsibility of each applicant. Applications submitted to the portal remain confidential to the general public and any fellow applicants. Applicants will not hold LISC NYC, its affiliates, members, partners, and staff liable for any losses, damages, costs, or expenses, of any kind relating to the use or the adequacy, accuracy, or completeness of any information loaded in the form. For further information please see LISC’s privacy policy. 

Conflict of Interest:
Current directors, officers, employees and contractors of LISC and such individuals' family members (spouse, parents, children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and spouses of children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren) are not eligible  to apply  or seek an award.  In addition to verifying there is no such conflict with LISC, applicants will need to similarly establish that s/he does not have a conflict with any donors or funders involved in that particular pool. The list of funders connected  to a particular round will be disclosed explicitly for response by the applicant or finalist.

If awarded, please be advised that the business/applicant’s application information, name, statements, and other information provided during the award process (but no confidential information) may be used for promotional purposes in all forms and media and the business/applicant may be  contacted by LISC NYC and/or the program sponsors for such purposes. Applicant hereby grants to LISC and the program sponsors a perpetual license to use such information without additional compensation (except where prohibited by law), and without any right to review and/or approve such content. Until notified, applicants must agree not to share any status as a finalist publicly, including but not limited to all social media platforms, news media, or local publications.


LISC NYC may monitor and conduct evaluation activity funded by the LISC NYC Small Business Relief & Recovery Fund. This might involve a review of quantitative  or qualitative  data needed to understand the impact of the fund.
Submission Guidance:
LISC NYC cannot accept changes to your application once it has been submitted, so please review it carefully. Your work may not be saved if  you leave the web page before submitting the application. You may also lose your work if your internet is disconnected, or as a result of other potential web browser issues.

Partner Technical Assistance Organizations:
LISC NYC has selected community-based organizations (CBOs) to provide direct technical support to businesses applying for grants from the LISC NYC Small Business Relief & Recovery Fund. Each CBO has a designated commercial corridors/neighborhoods within which they will conduct outreach, recruit and provide technical support to small business applicants. Only grant applications submitted with the support of a LISC NYC partner CBO will be considered.

Priority Neighborhoods:
LISC NYC has identified priority neighborhoods for outreach, recruitment, and grant application support. These neighborhoods were prioritized based on health and economic indicators that evidence a disproportionate impact of the COVID pandemic and economic downturn. While we have identified priority neighborhoods, this grant program is open to minority-owned small businesses in other commercial corridors and neighborhoods not identified.

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* 2. Please indicate which LISC NYC community-based organization (CBO) partner assisted you with completing this application.