Legal Issues for System Administrators

LISA is a seminar intended for system administrators and focusses on the exchange of information about a particular subject of study. School-based administrators will also find the seminar interesting and relevant.

For over seven decades social psychological theories advanced understanding of aggressive behavior. The most recent major model – the General Aggression Model (GAM) is built on research about factors within a person that predispose them to aggression; factors from the environment that trigger aggression; and the underlying biological, neurocognitive, and psychological processes. The effects of aggression or violence in schools can cause teachers and students to suffer emotional and physical distress.

The goal of LISA is to unpack the complex topic of aggression and violence and to explore the causes behind the trends over the years in violence (physical and cyberbullying). The effects of violent media and social media on violence and aggression will be explored as well as a look at mental health issues and discussion on iGen and this generation’s characteristics. The seminar will look at psychological safety and schools’ and school divisions’ responsibilities under the legislation.

The structure of the day will include presentations by key experts, a panel discussion with an opportunity to have questions addressed, and facilitated focused conversation allowing participants an opportunity to add to and benefit from the collective wisdom of all participants.

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