LINC Mentor Application

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Some information about LINC:

LINC’s mentor program is designed to build a solid foundation of peer support that will help incoming freshman minority students to more easily transition into the college environment. We need experienced students to stand in as mentors for these incoming students, and offer guidance and support as they adjust to life on campus.

What are the Benefits?
There are several benefits of being a mentor in the LINC program. This is your chance to pass on what you learned as an underclassman to someone else while gaining leadership experience, getting involved on campus, and building your resume.

Working with your Mentee
As a mentor, you will be paired with an incoming freshman minority student. An evening retreat in the fall will allow you to get to know your mentee and begin your LINC experience. You will then meet regularly with your mentee (at least once a week) to provide guidance and advice to any
questions or concerns they may have. A faculty member or administrator will also be paired with you to offer additional guidance and support.

Who Qualifies?
Mentor positions are open to any undergraduate or graduate student able to meet the requirements outlined on the attached application.

Specific Requirements/Statement of Intent:
1. I will attend the mentor training workshop and retreat for both mentors and mentees.
2. I will keep in regular contact with my mentee (at least once a week).
3. I will contact the mentoring office if I begin to have problems related to my mentee.
4. I will notify the mentoring office if I am not satisfied with my mentoring relationship.
5. I have at least a 2.5 GPA.
6. I am at least sophomore status (30+ credit hours)

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