1. Introduction

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One of the discouraging things about using acoustic measures for speech analysis is the slow process of hand measurement. As part of an NIH grant (R43 DC010104), we are developing software modules that should help to automate some measurements, such as voice onset time (VOT) and vowel-space area, for both single files and larger data sets. We envision a situation in which the automatic tool contained in the module would report such measures from one or more audio files for easy input to statistical or other analysis software.For VOT, for instance, all intervals between release bursts and the following initiation of voicing contained in a speech file will be reported. These modules will be appended (as “plug-ins”) to existing analysis software tools.

We are conducting this survey in order to understand which software tools should be targeted for this capability.Our audience is researchers who have experience with introducing colleagues and/or students to the task of making acoustic measurements from speech.

More details on the aims and plans of the project can be found by entering the grant number on the NIH website http://projectreporter.nih.gov/reporter.cfm.

* 1. How many years of experience do you have with acoustic analysis of speech using a software?

* 2. What are the uses of softwares for acoustic analysis of speech?

* 3. Do you routinely use a computer program to measure one or more of the following?

  Yes No
Pitch Tracking
Voice Onset Time (VOT)
Vowel Formants

* 4. What tools have you worked with? (pick one)

* 5. What are the most productive/useful features of the tools that you use? (Please check all that apply. You may also mention other features in the box provided below

* 6. What do you find deficient in the tools that you use?

* 7. Which do you prefer?

* 8. Which of the following do you use for teaching?