Welcome to the registration for our intercultural gathering

Thank you for filling out this form and helping us plan for this exciting event May 23 in Battleford! The planners will keep all your information confidential, and we'll work with all participants to keep in touch after the event. For more details on this event, please see the intercultural blog. Download the flyer here, and please share with people of colour and Indigenous people you know!

We ask that all participants plan to come for the whole day (10:00AM-4:00PM). We will send a complete agenda closer to the time. Lunch and snacks will be provided.  Registration is $30; the fee can be reduced or removed if it creates a barrier to your being with us. Please email jgraham@skconf.ca if you need us to waive or reduce the fee. Please bring cash or a cheque payable to SK Conference. 

* 1. First name

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* 4. Phone number

* 5. Pastoral charge or organization you are representing/ that is sending you. (If none, just type “none”).

* 6. Any allergies? Please name them here:

* 7. Any other needs (mobility, for example).

* 8. What are some questions and ideas you will bring to this gathering? These will help the planners continue to shape the agenda, and help all of us know what kind of follow up and supports we all need. Your ideas here are important and welcome!

* 9. Last question; we leave you with the last word... is there anything else you need to know, or any final comments? We look forward to seeing you there! When you hit "done", this form will be sent automatically.