Do you know a Lemont High School grad who is Hall-of-Fame worthy?

The Lemont High School Alumni Hall of Fame recognizes graduates who have made significant contributions to society and serve as role models to Lemont High School students. This recognition is the highest honor that can be given by Lemont High School to one of its alumni.

The Alumni Hall of Fame is an important part of fostering school and community pride and recognizing the achievements of those individuals who have made Lemont High School an outstanding academic institution.

If you know an individual who fits the criteria listed below and merits consideration for induction into the Lemont High School Alumni Hall of Fame, please complete this nomination form. Nominations should be returned no later than January 3, 2020.


• Nominee must be a graduate of Lemont High School.
• Nominee must have achieved a high degree of success in his/her professional field. Individuals also may be nominated based on an act of bravery or heroism, or be recognized for community service.
• Nominee must serve as a role model for current students and have consistently demonstrated the highest ethical and moral standards - both as a student and an alumnus.
• Nominee must not have had a felony conviction.

All nominees must be of good character, reflecting the qualities and ideals set forth by Lemont High School. Nominees are not eligible for induction to the Lemont High School Alumni Hall of Fame until 10 years after their graduation from the school.