* 1. What is your biggest question or frustration when it comes to team building strategies or activities?

* 2. If you could wave a magic wand, what result would you want to achieve with team building strategies or activities? What would it mean to you? To your team? Be specific.

* 3. Which of the following topics/trainings are most relevant for your team right now?

  No Impact Very Little Impact Some Impact A Ton of Impact
How to Choose and Lead Team Building Activities
How to Set Your Team's Vision and Values
Setting Goals and Reaching Them
Building Trust with Your Team
Communication Skills & Training
Personality Profiles and Training
Breakthrough Team Building (Using Activities to Achieve Lasting Impact)
Developing Leaders Within Your Organization
Problem-Solving and Brainstorming
Facilitate Your Own Team Building Programs/Events

* 4. What other topics or issues are of concern right now?

* 5. How valuable would each of the following formats be for learning the above topics?

  No Value Little Value Some Value A Ton of Value
Live workshops/training (in person)
Online training
Video Tutorials
E-book (PDF or Kindle)
Group Q&A Calls (Live)

* 6. What other questions or comments would you like to ask about our team building training?