Trust is a hot topic!

Trust is a hot topic and the high stakes of low trust are devastating to people, culture and business results. When people spend their time fighting, avoiding, or blamestorming you can bet that trust levels are on life support!

Trust Better, TogetherTM by Vivid Performance Group, fueled by ReinaR Trust Building, is a practical, actionable game changing process and suite of solutions that activate, elevate, and perpetuate trust in your people, teams, and organization.

Trust begins with one simple step.

Complete the questions below by selecting the response that best describes the frequency of these trust enhancing behaviors. What you will learn is how trust is showing up or not in a subset of 12 of the 48 behaviors that build and break trust.

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  Almost never Occasionally About half the time Frequently Almost always
Do we keep our agreements and if we can’t promptly renegotiate?
Do we set clear and explicit expectations with eachother regarding measurable results and objectives?
Do we give people authority to meet their responsibilities, assure check-in/follow-up happens as needed?
Do we act with mutually serving intentions without hidden agendas?
Do we share job related information that is pertinent to getting the job done?
Do we give and receive feedback without getting defensive?
Do we openly admit and take responsibility for the mistakes that we make?
Do we avoid triangulation, gossiping or participating in unfair criticism of others?
Do we give people the benefit of the doubt that they did not mean to let us down?
Do we have confidence in the abilities of ourselves, our leaders and our teams?
Do we acknowledge and actively include the skills and abilities of others?
Do we help each other learn new skills?

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* 6. What else would it be helpful to know about trust in your team or organization?