BuddhaLessons.com Survey

We would like to expand Dharma Center’s offerings online by sharing recordings of classes through BuddhaLessons.com – please help our planning efforts by answering a few questions.

BuddhaLessons.com will stream talks on Practical American Buddhism that were recorded at Dharma Center during Jenna Sundell's weekly classes. These dharma talks teach people who live and work in the world how to meditate and apply mindfulness practice in the 21st century. Each one is a unique, powerful prescription for Enlightenment in the context of modern life.

All answers are anonymous and cannot be tracked back to you.

* 1. What do you think of the name for the website: BuddhaLessons.com?

* 2. Do have suggestions for a different website name?

* 3. In order to make the website sustainable, there will need to be payment structure in place. How much would you pay for a monthly subscription to listen to talks streaming from BuddhaLessons.com?

* 4. Does streaming the talks from the website work for you, or is it important for you to be able to download the talks?

* 5. If downloading talks is important to you, would you pay extra for this option?

* 6. Each class typically has two meditation sessions, a one-song (5 minute) meditation and a three-song (15 minute) meditation. The current plan is to use music clips to shorten the meditations to 10 seconds for the one-song meditation and 45 seconds for the longer meditation. What you think:

* 7. Would you support a fundraiser to allow me to hire a professional web designer and properly advertise the launch of the website? (Advertising would also benefit Dharma Center.) As thank you gifts, I would offer my Harley Davidson motorcycle, a poster signed by Rama, and other treasures.

* 8. Is there any other feedback you would like to share, or specific fundraising gifts you would like to see?