Tar Damage Survey

This survey is to gauge how the asphalt application of August 2017 impacted local businesses. On August 31st, the tar laid on loop 287 damaged not only cars but streets and parking lots throughout Lufkin. 

* 1. Full Name

* 2. Business Name

* 3. Business Address

* 4. Was your parking lot damaged after the tar melted on the loop in August 2017?

* 5. Did you pay to clean up the tar in your parking lot? 

* 6. If so, did you file a claim on your insurance? 

* 7. How much did you spend out to fix the tar issue in your parking lot?

* 8. OPTIONAL: What is the exact amount of money you spent to fix your parking lot? 

* 9. What is the estimated staff time that was dedicated to this incident? (EX: Clean up, phone calls, appointments for damage, etc.)