Welcome to the Shaping our Future Community Survey

Lake Hayes Estate / Shotover Country / Queenstown Country Club / Bridesdale and surrounds!
We invite current and future community members to come together and discuss the future of our  area!  

What are the current key issues, what do we need now? What do we need in 5yrs, 15yrs, 30yrs to make this a great place to live? 
Why have your say?
    • Predicted growth to over 5000 people by 2038! (source QLDC Growth Projections 2017)
    • We are a young community that has grown fast and will continue to grow.
    • The people who live here (or want to!) are the best people to identify our needs into the future for our children and their future generations
    • We need a collaborative strategic plan driven by the community about what we need in the short/medium and long term, ideas might include:
      • Infrastructure including community facilities
      • Our sense of community and identity eg What do you think we might be known as in 2035?
      • Connectivity - cycle trials, transport, safe walking tracks both within the community and connecting to other parts of the Wakatipu Basin.

There is no right or wrong answer - our process is designed to gather your ideas and facilitate conversation about our future direction
For more information please visit www.shapingourfuture.org.nz